Yay! You’re here … woo-hoo!

Creating a compelling About page is SO important – so I’m thrilled that you’ve committed to spending some time on getting this right. 

This is about doing the work right now – so you have a great resource that will continue to work for you, day after day, bringing more of the people you love working with into your business.

This training will make it as easy as possible to create an About page that really speaks to the right people about who you are, what you’re about and what you can help them be, do, have or achieve.

All you need to do is block out a chunk of time in your diary, turn off all the distractions, make this your focus for half a day or so, and you absolutely can create a really compelling About page … 

In this course, you will find everything I’ve put together to help you, including: 

  • A workbook for your notes 
  • 6 short modules that walk your through the process with lots of ideas & examples to help you 
  • A template for inspiration 
  • And, a bonus!

Enjoy the process! And, if you’re not a member of Storytelling Mastery, feel free to join my free Facebook group The Business of Stories with Susan Payton here, and post a link to your completed About page in there. Be sure to tag me in. I can’t wait to see it ????

Susan x