Terms and Conditions – Storytelling Mastery

Access Rights:

Access to Storytelling Mastery and all of the content within is strictly for the purchaser and not to be shared with anyone else. This includes taking the strategies Susan teaches and using them as your own.

Included in your fee is 12 months support in the Storytelling Mastery Facebook Group. After 12 months you will have the option to continue at £67 per month for as long as you want. If you choose not to stay in the support group you will be removed, but you will still have lifetime access to The Business of Stories – The Course.

After 11 months we will contact you by email/sms to find out if you want to stay in the support group for £67 per month. It will NOT be automatically added unless you agree to stay on. If we don’t hear from you within 7 days of your 12 months ending, we will remove you from the group but you will still have access to the course.

Monthly Payment Option:

If you are opting for one of our payment plans, you are agreeing to pay 6 or 12 instalments – until the full price of the Mastery is settled. If you cancel the subscription payments you will be invoiced for the full balance outstanding and access to the programme will be removed.